Formula 3 by Kvalitet Sport

Formula 3

The model is available in versions ARTR and RTR version ARTR version includes a brushless motor,...
POWERCAT X  by Kvalitet Sport


Specification: Length approx. 950 mm Beam approx. 310 mm Dry weight approx. 2,4kg For 1 elect...
Formel 1 Katamaran by Kvalitet Sport

Formel 1 Katamaran

Order number 2151 EUR 75 (VAT not included). Product information: The Formula 1 racing boat b...
PX-1 by Kvalitet Sport


Product information The PX-1 racing catamaran is a semi-scale model boat capable of speeds of 40 ...
Mis Geico / Bulgarian Cat / by Kvalitet Sport

Mis Geico / Bulgarian Cat /

Cat - ARTR
Miss Geiko or the so famous Bulgarian Cat is a multiple world record holder in its category, reac...