Formel 1 Katamaran

Formel 1 Katamaran

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Product information:

The Formula 1 racing boat belonging to the leading
racing boat driver and 6-times world champion
Michael Werner is powered by a 2.0 l 6-cylinder
outboard motor producing 350 BHP, which has
been specially tuned by Michael Werner himself.
The vessel is capable of a maximum speed of
more than 250 km/hr, with acceleration from 0 -200
km/hr in 7 to 8 seconds.



Length approx. 660 mm
Overall length approx. 820 mm
Beam approx. 310 mm
All-up weight including RC system,
GTX-800 and drive battery approx. 3.0 kg
All-up weight including RC system and OS MAX 21 XM approx. 2.0 kg
Max. speed, according to power system, approx. 60 km/hr.