Eco expert Quick Arrow

Eco expert Quick Arrow

Price: 485.00


- Ready-assembled model with epoxy body and synthetic reinforcements (carbon, Kevlar and basalt)
- Mounted on 4-pole motor TenShock type 1540 water-cooled
- 120 Amp controller TenShock
High-precision servo of ball bearings and metal gear
- With ready flut channel deydvud, helm console, aluminum motor foundation for allowing change of angle, locked with the bottom connector, water cooling system and emergency connector.

Technical data:

Length: 600 mm
Width: 230 mm
Total weight with integrated RC-around components: 1000 g

Model Eco Expert Quick Arrow was developed by Kvalitet'21. During development have used our long experience and world leading spetsialisti.It is appropriate for racing competitions in classes Eco expert and Eco team and is designed for high sport mastery. Therefore, the model is only available in the company RTR version. To start this model is enough to put only the LIPO packet,receiver and propeller for it.The Product can be ordered on the phone company or e-mail [link] here [/ link] and be delivered via a courier service with cash. The price includes VAT and transport costs.

For wholesalers offer discount.