Catamaran Hull - "Bandit S" №6.00.00

Catamaran Hull - "Bandit S" №6.00.00, Catamarans

High-Speed catamaran Hull - "Bandit S"

This product can be purchased from RC Raceboats - Germany.


Length approx. 740 mm
Beam approx. 230 mm
Weight: 500 gr.

Possible for speeds of over 130 km/h.

SAW 2005: Class: PB/Hydro 13-18 Zellen faster Heat 131,72 km/h !!!
Average speed: 129,69 km/h

The hulls could be made of GFK, CFK or HFK, according to the clients's will. Also soft and hard COREMAT could be used for the make of special hulls.