MONO I / MONO II Hull - B-24 "Volvo Penta" №24.00.00

MONO I / MONO II Hull - B-24 "Volvo Penta" №24.00.00, MONO

B-24 is a model, copy of real racing boat. The original boat has been awarded two design prizes and is patented. The newly designed double-step hull bottom features patented speed rails: specially designed stringers which distribute the air-enriched water under the bottom of the boat and thereby reduce the wetted area. The boat planes over the water on a layer of "air lubrication" evenly distributed over the hull surface. The model, made by Kvalitet’21 shares this characteristic in full. This model is suitable for for the MONO I / S7; and MONO II / S14 racing boat classes when fitted with the appropriate power system.
This product can be purchased from RC Raceboats - Germany.


Length approx. 655 mm
Beam approx. 235 mm
Scale 1:10

The hulls could be made of GFK, CFK or HFK,